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Mark J. Orr, CFP® RICP® is a north metro Atlanta Certified Financial Planner™, Retirement Income Certified Professional® and a fee-based Investment Advisor Representative who firmly believes that people should not take an ounce more risk than they need to in order to reach their retirement income goals… nor should they pay a dime more in taxes than the I.R.S. dictates. In fact, if someone thinks that taxes are going to go higher over the next 5, 10, 20 years, he believes they should strive to get to the ZERO percent tax bracket in retirement.

His work all starts with teaching folks about the 3 buckets of risk and the 3 tax buckets. As to reducing risk, he uses both actuarial science and private wealth managers who will go to cash when markets get rocky to protect his client’s savings. As to striving to paying ZERO income taxes in retirement, he takes advantage of every IRS regulation to pay as little future taxes as the law requires.

He puts all of those philosophies, financial strategies and tools together to design a fully personalized “retirement income road map”. It’s a year-by-year income plan that combines pensions, Social Security filing strategies and a mix of insurance and investment strategies to maximize lifetime after-tax net income and reduces investment risk to the lowest amount needed.

More Details About Mark:

Thanks to his books available for sale on Amazon.com, many clients from all over the country and different walks of life, that have chosen him to help them with their retirement, legacy and financial planning. Along with his expertise on Social Security benefit planning, they chose Mark to grow, protect and eventually help them with their investment planning to distribute their accumulated assets for a lifetime of retirement income.

Since 2000, Mark’s real specialty is giving retirement income planning advice for pre-retirees and retired people who want a safer, more reliable and predictable income. But the first question they almost always ask him is “what makes you different than our local financial advisor” or “why should we trust our financial future to someone we’ve never even met before”?

Great questions. The answer is fourfold. First of all, he works only for his clients… and not for any financial institution. Besides being completely independent and fully objective, he takes a holistic approach to financial planning. 

He’ll teach you about the six buckets of money. Once you fully understand those 6 risk and tax buckets, you decide where you want your current and future savings to go. Given your own choices of buckets, he makes prudent investment recommendations to safely and predictably as possible help you reach your retirement income goals. We take the least amount of risk we can while minimizing your total taxes to as low as the IRS rules allow.

The next factor that makes him different, is that most financial advisors fall squarely into one of two camps. Their career came from either a stockbroker’s… or insurance agent’s mentality. Most stockbrokers think the answer to every financial problem is stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private placements, variable products, etc. and they never consider fixed insurance-based solutions.

On the other hand, many insurance agents are not even securities licensed so they can ONLY recommend insurance products. But even the ones that CAN recommend securities, usually don’t know about low-volatility market-based solutions that are NOT very risky. So the truth is that neither of those conflicting approaches has the “right” answer or offers the only prudent solution to 100% of all financial goals. But you already know that!

His own financial career grew simultaneously in both mindsets and he is completely unbiased when it comes to which approach may be best for a certain client’s situation and goals. All financial products are just tools – like golf clubs. Each “club” has a specific purpose like a putter, a sand wedge, short iron or a driver. He provides his clients with the right combination of the top financial “clubs” that will best help them reach their own specific financial goals. It’s not the “financial club” that’s most important, it’s the “swing” or the strategies we use. And isn’t having a solid retirement income “plan” what you really want?

There’s one more factor his clients will tell you that sets him even further apart as the advisor they prefer to work with. And that 4th main reason why his clients chose him… is that in addition to all I’ve just mentioned, he is a Certified Financial Planner and Retirement Income Certified Professional® . A CFP® is the recognized industry certification of financial competence and ethics.  CFP®s have an ironclad fiduciary responsibility to always put their clients’ interests totally above their own and be fully transparent in all of their recommendations. An RICP® has spent a year training for
income distribution – which is a very different skill-set than saving for retirement.

Mark’s clients can count on complete confidentiality and that their welfare, interests and goals always come first. Although that should go without saying, the large majority of financial advisors are NOT legally held to ANY fiduciary standard of care.

So yes, a very small percentage of advisors can help you find the money to invest by reducing wealth transfers and lost opportunity costs like he does. Most financial advisors will tell you that they can make you higher returns if you just move your money so they can manage it. Maybe they can, but probably not without adding a lot more risk.

But he believes that there is much MORE opportunity for you to significantly improve your future retirement by avoiding losses to your principal… than picking the “winners”. These financial strategies can safely add an average of $250,000 or much more to your retirement assets plus add extra cash to enjoy your life now. He says: “Build it, grow it and protect it”.

Few other advisors teach and base their retirement planning strategies on the 6 buckets of money. He makes sure his clients fully understand exactly what he’s proposing and why, since it fits within the 6 money buckets they choose themselves. And there are even are other financial advisors who feel very comfortable and are competent in recommending and using financial products from BOTH a stockbrokers and insurance advisor’s approach. But there are only a tiny percentage of financial professionals that can do all of that plus qualify as a long time, experienced Certified Financial Planner as well.

But this isn’t about Mark… it’s about YOUR retirement income. It’s about safely and efficiently reaching your financial goals with the least amount of stress, risk and taxes along the way as possible.

So finally with that in mind, let me ask you a simple but very important question. Are you 100% sure that you are going to have a great retirement… or do you have some doubts? Whatever YOUR answer is, Mark hopes to hear from you soon.

Brief BIO:


Mark has been a practicing Certified Financial Planner™ since 2000. Certified Financial Planners are held to the strictest ethical and fiduciary standards.  Since 1997, he has held life, health and the Series 7 Securities license and became a Registered Investment Advisor soon thereafter owning his own fee-based firm from 1999-2016.
He earned his RICP® designation in 2017.

He is now an Investment Advisor Representative under a much larger firm (Horter Investment Management, LLC) – through which he “manages” his clients’ stock and bond market based investments – (“Moderate Risk” and “Higher Risk” buckets)  using private wealth money managers that are designed to be low risk, low volatility. These accounts are allocated into portfolios based on a client’s risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and their monthly income and legacy goals.

Another main focus of his financial practice is using cash value life insurance for tax-free retirement income (in Mark’s opinion this is a very attractive alternative to a ROTH IRA with many living-benefits). 

He is also the author of “Social Security Income Planning:  The Baby Boomers’ 2017 Guide to Maximize Your Retirement Benefits” as well as several white papers and eBooks and has led dozens of public seminars on various financial planning and retirement topics. He’s been quoted in the USA TODAY as well as being a guest on several morning radio shows across the country.

Prior to the financial services business, Mark spent the early part of his career in the luxury resort real estate marketing and development industry – managing $100 million of sales in Europe over a 7 year period.

He is a two-time past and current board member of his Rotary Club and continues to be active in community service through the Rotary Club. On a personal note, Mark and Norma live in Alpharetta, Georgia and love to travel – especially to warm sandy beaches in the sun. Staying in good shape is important to him and he enjoys good red wine. Finally, he is the very proud father of three grown children (Megan, Marina and Michael) and four wonderful grandchildren.

** Investment advisory services offered through Horter Investment Management, LLC, a SEC-Registered Investment Adviser. Horter Investment Management does not provide legal or tax advice. Investment Adviser Representatives of Horter Investment Management may only conduct business with residents of the states and jurisdictions in which they are properly registered. Securities transactions for Horter Investment Management clients are placed through Trust Company of America, TD Ameritrade and Jefferson National Life Insurance Company. Life insurance and fixed annuity products are recommended separately through Mark J. Orr, CFP® RICP®.

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